How to get a great PTA newsletter template

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Well, the school year has started back, and that means there’s a lot of work to be done for the Parent-Teacher Association (otherwise known as the PTA).  Depending on your role within the PTA, you may have a number of PTA responsibilities.

Is one of those creating a newsletter for the PTA?  If you don’t have much or any experience doing this, they may seem a bit overwhelming.

But luckily, it doesn’t have to be.  Not if you use the right template.

There are multiple ways to go about getting a newsletter.  One way to use a generic newsletter template and then just use it for the PTA.  You can get a lot of great templates if you sign up for an email marketing platform, such as Constant Contact.  Constant Contact has a lot of great templates you can use.  You will have to sign up for a monthly service, though.  But the good news is that you can use a free trial, which you can find here.

I like to use Google Docs to create documents.  Google Docs has a lot of templates you can use.  Google Docs is included in Google Workspace, and you can get started with Google Workspace here.  Similarly, you can get some templates from Apple Pages and Microsoft Word.

But all of these are generic templates.  And you may want a PTA Newsletter template, right?  That’s in many ways the simplest because the newsletters are already perfectly set up for a PTA newsletter.  Some of these may even have different designs for each month or season.

So here are some individual PTA newsletter templates you can purchase.  Please note that some of these are only available on Canva, but you can get a free account with Canva in order to edit it and use it.  But for some, you should be able to edit and print off without getting Canva.

Best PTA Newsletter Templates