How you can extract email addresses from your brand's Facebook group

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Having a presence of Facebook is very important for businesses.  It is a wonderful way to reach customers who may never have heard about your business otherwise.  It is especially important to find new ways to reach customers if you have been hurt by the Google core updates over the past year.

But additionally, it is a way to keep customers you already have engaged.  In fact, it can go beyond customers liking your product or brand.  You can use Facebook to create a community.  You can do this with your Facebook page and creating engaging posts.  We talk about creating posts that get more Facebook shares here.

But you can go beyond just creating a Facebook page.  If you really want to form a community, then you can form a Facebook group.  Facebook groups are online communities where members can post content, comment, and engage with other members.

This can be especially great for you depending on your business.  For example, let’s say you run an e-commerce website selling comic books.  It makes sense to have a Facebook group for comic book fans to discuss comic books.

If you’ve been part of a Facebook group, you know it can be quite fun – and quite addictive.  I am part of one Facebook group where I find myself checking it multiple times a day to check for any new posts or comments.  So this can be a wonderful way to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

But not everyone will stay as engaged.  Some may join and then forget about it.

But you can still benefit from these customers if you can get their email addresses.  But unfortunately, Facebook isn’t set up for you to easily get other Facebook member’s email addresses.

How to Extract Email Addresses from a Facebook Group

But here is a way around this.  You can set up your Facebook group so that you only approve new members based on answering questions.  And then you can only approve members who give their email!

But what do you do with the email addresses?  You can automate the whole process by utilizing GroupsPro.

GroupsPro will connect your group directly to the following email marketing accounts if you have them:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • Clickfunnels
  • HighLevel

Or you can use Zapier to connect it to over 2,000 different tools.  That automates the entire process.  Plus, they’ll even give you a Group Money Welcome Template that will help welcome your customers…and turn them into paying customers!

You also get access to Group Follow-Up Academy!, that gives you great tips.  Like which one question you should be asking customers that most people don’t.  Or tricks to make money from your Group members even if you don’t sell any products.  Or a great trick to retarget your group members with paid ads.

And it literally couldn’t be a better time to purchase a GroupsPro subscription.  Because right now you can get GroupsPro here for a one-time purchase – at 67% off!  So what are you waiting for?  Start getting tips on how to use a Facebook group to help you make money!