Learn how to keep customers & visitors on your website by creating a Multi-Page form in WordPress

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How to Easily Create Multi-Page Forms in WordPress

Do you want to know how to create a multi-page form in WordPress?  Are you hoping you can do that easily without having to code or do anything complex?  Today we’ll go over just that.  But first, let’s go over what a multi-page form is and why you would want to use a multi-page form.

What is a Multi-Page Form?

So you probably want to know what a multi-page form is before you use one, right?  Well, as the name might imply, we are referring to a form with multiple pages.  You can do this instead of one long page.

Why Should Create a Multi-Page Form?

So you might be thinking, why do a multi-page form?  Why not just include all the information on one page?

But the thing is, there are significant advantages to doing multi-page forms.  And that is because having one long form can be intimidating to users of your website.  If a user goes on a website and sees that they have to fill out a lot of information, they may decide it’s not worth it.  And then they leave your website.  And that is obviously not a good thing.  They could even go to one of your competitor’s websites!

Now, you can try to make the form as simple as possible.  And depending on what information you need to know, this could work for you.  But this is kind of impossible with some forms.  I mean, if you run a e-commerce website, then there are multiple things you will need from a customer.  Especially if your products are customizable.  This is also true if you are creating a job application.  There are just things you need to know and you will need that as part of your form.

But you can avoid intimidating your website’s users with a long form by breaking up your form into multiple pages.  That can be a less intimidating, easier process for the user.  And that just benefits everyone involved.

How to Easily Create a Multi-Page Form

So how do you easily do this?  The simple answer to this question is to get WPForms.

WPForms is a wonderful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create forms.  We’ve discussed it a lot here at Website Tips & Tutorials.

Once you have the WPForms plugin, you can easily create a form without needing to know any coding.  Seriously, it’s as easy as clicking on Add New and then using their simple Drag and Drop tools to add whatever you want in the form.  This gives you a lot of flexibility and customization without having to know any coding.  WPForms even has pre-designed templates so which will make your life even easier if you have a specific form you want.  For example, I mentioned a job application before.  WPForms has a job application form template.

And then after you have created your form, you can just drag a “Page Break” to wherever you want to split the form up.  You can do this multiple times if you want to make it multiple pages.

Now, this is a bit of a simplified explanation.  For full details, you can click here.  This will give you a full step-by-step process of creating a multi-page form with WPForms.


If your form is too long, it can cause website visitors to leave your website.  A way to prevent this is by creating a multi-page form.  And the best way to do that in WordPress is through WPForms.