How to guide for starting a digital loyalty card

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I’ve always enjoyed having loyalty cards at various businesses such as restaurants.  I always got a kick out of whenever an employee would punch one of the cards and I’d know I was closer to a reward.

But now so many of us own online businesses.  And we cannot physically punch customers’ loyalty cards.

But that of course doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do loyalty cards for your business.  Loyalty cards are a great way to create, well, customer loyalty.  It encourages people to keep buying from you and using your product.

So the answer here is to create digital loyalty cards.  But the question is, how do you do that?

And the answer to that is with Boomerangme!


Boomerangme is a loyalty program for small businesses.  It helps you create digital loyalty cards.  You can create six types of digital cards for loyalty programs or promotions.  This includes things like stamps, coupons, cashback, and subscriptions.

Boomerangme has great customization options.  You get to choose from over 100 readymade templates for your cards.  You then can easily plug in your logo, brand colors, icons, images, and preferred expiration date into your card.

Customers will be able to add your digital card to their Apple Wallet and Google Pay in a few seconds just by scanning a unique QR code.  So it is not only easy for you but it is easy for your customers.

You can use the mobile scanner app to charge your customer’s card at the points of sale.  Then you don’t have to spend any money on expensive hardware.

You can set up a white-label platform to run your loyalty program.  This comes complete with your own domain, logo, and brand colors.  You can also integrate Twilio and SendGrid to send system notifications via email and SMS to your customers using your brand name.  Additionally, you can customize the mobile scanner app for your sales team and design the mobile app to fit your brand.  You can use built-in CRM to send push notifications for offers, surveys, and transaction information.  This eliminates the need for an expensive SMS plan.  You also can set automated push notifications that trigger after a certain amount of time or after a customer makes a purchase.

You can also integrate Boomerangme with your CRM and POS systems via API.  Then you can issue new cards, access loyalty stats, charge bonuses, and send push notifications all from your own POS system.

So basically Boomerangme has everything you need to provide your customers with a digital loyalty card and then some.

Discount Price

So you might be worried that with all these features, Boomerangme will cost you a lot of money.  And normally, Boomerangme isn’t cheap.

But luckily, this isn’t just any time.  It just so happens that there is an incredible sale for Boomerangme going on right now.  It gets you a lifetime Boomerangme subscription!  This includes all future business plan updates.

Normally, this could cost you $1,548.  But right now, it is only $99!

Obviously, I don’t have to tell you what an incredible saving this is.  You just need to take advantage of this great deal yourself.

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