SiteGround vs. Flywheel: which web host would you choose for WordPress websites

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Are you looking for a good web host for your WordPress website?  Perhaps you are starting a new WordPress website.  Or maybe your website has outgrown your host and you are looking to upgrade.  Whatever the reason, you may be considering Flywheel and SiteGround hosting.  But the question is, how do they compare?

Well, to start, let me tell you that both are good hosts.  Both hosts have been well respected in the WordPress community for awhile.  Both have a lot of experience with WordPress websites, so you can feel assured you have picked a reputable web host.

But there are reasons to choose SiteGround and reasons to choose Flywheel.  I go over them now

Why Choose SiteGround

The main reason to choose SiteGround is price.  SiteGround is far, far cheaper than Flywheel.  Let’s say, for example, you have one website.  The starter plan on Flywheel is $23/month.  The starter plan on SiteGround, though, is $3.95/month if you click here.  That’s a huge difference.  And the difference is even bigger if you have multiple websites.  Then we’re talking $105/month for Flywheel as opposed to $5.95 for Flywheel.

So if you are looking to save money, SiteGround is the best option to go.  But then you might be thinking, why choose Flywheel?

Why Choose Flywheel

Well, like the saying goes, you do get what you pay for.  My experience with SiteGround has been that their web hosting cannot handle complex or high traffic websites.  I was assured when I switched a job board over to SiteGround I would be covered, but almost immediately my website went down.  They recommended I switch to a much higher price plan.

Another reason to choose Flywheel is your website will be faster on Flywheel.  SiteGround websites are fast, too, but not as far as Flywheel.  And that can help you with your Google ranking.


I may have had a less than great experience with SiteGround for my job board website.  But job boards are complex websites.  And this may not be your experience.  If you run a less complex website (such as a blog), you may not need the high powered Flywheel hosting provider.  You would be fine with SiteGround and you’d save a lot of money.  But if you have a website with a ton or traffic or is complex, then choose Flywheel.

By the way, if you are thinking about Flywheel, check out this Flywheel demo.