Why you should get a dropbox app for your iphone

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Do you have the dropbox app for iphone?  If not, I think you should get it. I’ve found it by the far to be the easiest, most reliant way to store all my pictures.  Whenever I take a picture I like, I can just send it to my dropbox. I can easily create folders in dropbox and send my pictures to the folder I want, or after I send a number of pictures to dropbox I can then easily create a folder for my pictures.

For example, let’s say my company holds a Christmas party.  I can already set up a folder on dropbox labeled “Christmas Party 2018” and then during the party I can easily send my pictures over to that folder, making it incredibly easy for me to look at all the pictures and then decide how I want to display these pictures on my website, company facebook, youtube videos, etc.  And not only can I look at the pictures, but I have a company dropbox and my co-workers can access my pictures, too. They can easily check off all pictures in the folder and download them all at the same time, which saves them a lot of time. It’s also a great way to let my coworkers that work on different aspects of the website or social media accounts of my businesses see my work pictures (or videos!) without seeing all of the pictures of my phone (because you need your privacy, right?).

And Dropbox makes it easy to start without having to commit money right away.  Dropbox Basic comes with 2 GB and is absolutely free. And if you find yourself needing more space, you can upgrade to a Dropbox Plus, Professional or Business account.  The Plus is just $8.25 a month and comes with 1 TB of space and the Professional is $16.58 and comes with 2 TB of space. It is really not much money when you consider the ease of use of the app as well as all the storage space you get, and you’re going to need to buy something for storage space if you want to take a lot of pictures and videos for your business (and you really need to these days in order to properly use social media accounts and to make your website interesting and inviting so that customers choose your business).  So if you have an iphone, I highly recommend you getting dropbox and the dropbox app for your iphone.

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Benefits of using dropbox for your iphone, the easiest most efficient way for businesses or individuals to store & sort photos & videos. Find out how to get a Dropbox Plus, Professional, Business or free Basic account