SEO tips: how to improve your rankings with grammar & spelling help

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When you run a blog or website, you’re constantly thinking about how to improve your ranking on search engines…and what could be keeping you from ranking higher.  So, among other questions you’ve probably asked before, I’m sure you’ve wondered whether or not grammar or spelling errors could hurt your SEO.  Moz (one of the leading industry experts in SEO) has done tests which showed Google analyzes for grammar & spelling when choosing pages for high rankings.  And Bing has also indicated poor grammar & spelling hurt your ranking on Bing as well.

So does this mean if you struggle with grammar or spelling you shouldn’t have a blog?  Of course not!  You’ve got great things to share with everyone and any spelling or grammar errors should not hold you back!  Instead, there is actually one super simple thing you can do that can improve the grammar & spelling in your blog entries, and that thing is Grammarly.

So, what exactly is Grammarly, you may be wondering?  Grammarly is an online tool that provides you with grammar and spell check (it also has a plagiarism detection platform, which can be really useful if you are worried your blog entry is too similar to something else out there online).  I’ve added it to Chrome and Firefox (it’s completely free!) and it can be incredibly useful when checking over my posts.  For example, I accidentally wrote “it also can has a plagiarism detection platform” and because Grammarly picked it up I knew right away to change it to “it also has a plagiarism detection platform”.  

Grammarly also has subscription services you can pay that give you even more help: advanced checks for sentence structure, punctuation & so on that can help you even more.  Additionally, there are vocabulary enhancement suggestions that could improve your blog entry.  This would save you money versus having to actually hire an editor.  Basically, if you want your blog entries to look incredibly professional & well written, Grammarly is a great time-saving way for you to achieve this (and Grammarly also let me know I should add a hyphen to time-saving!) and could get your blog entries ranked higher in search engines.


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Could bad spelling & poor grammar hurt your website or blog's SEO ranking? We examine what experts have said about Google & Bing rankings & then discuss the online tool you need to start using to make sure you rank high in all the search engines