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If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, then a business model you may have heard about is dropshipping.  Dropshipping is a very appealing business model because it is essentially a way to have a store without having to produce or even ship products yourself.  Basically, you have a store, and your purchase inventory as needed from a wholesaler or manufacturer in order to fulfill the order – and then they (not you) ship it out.

So some major benefits of dropshipping are:

  • Since you don’t have to ship the products yourself, you can work anywhere, meaning you could still travel and not be stuck in one place
  • Because you are not having an actual store or needing a warehouse, you have no overhead and your startup costs will be so much lower than other businesses, making it extremely appealing for new entrepreneurs.

But you may be thinking, will I earn money this way?  Won’t I make less of a profit if I’m not selling the products myself?  And the truth is, yes, you will make smaller percentages. But if you wonder if you won’t make money dropshipping, then the answer is decidedly no!

Just take a look at these success stories:

So, now you may be thinking, how do I get started?  I recommend going through Shopify.  Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they have a ton of resources to help anyone new to dropshipping.  Plus, they have a free trial you can use while you get used to Shopify (which shouldn’t take you too long since you won’t need any previous experience in order to use Shopify).  Just click here, take the helpful dropshipping webinar and start your free trial so you can start making your own success story and then I’ll be referencing you!


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What is dropshipping, and can you make money from it? Should you start a new dropshipping business? Find out what it is & if it would be the perfect side hustle (or full time work from home job) for you! Also, get inspired by these success stories & get inspiration for some great niche ideas. And learn how Shopify can help you succeed!