Working from home? Use this tools & resources to make you more productive

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Best Tools for Working from Home

Let’s face it, a lot more people are working from home these days.  And working from home definitely has its advantages.  But it can have its limitations, too.

Luckily, there are a lot of great tools in place that make working from home even easier.  So we’re going to go over some of the best.  Depending on your job or business, some of these may be perfect for you!

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Loop Email

One of the potential problems of working remotely is if you work with a team.  Loop Email helps make that easier.  This tool will help your team chat, exchange files, and manage shared inboxes quite easily.  You can start team conversations or even side-chat discussions with teammates and, additionally, eliminate email clutter.  Loop Email’s app is both desktop and mobile-friendly.  It works with a wide variety of email accounts (Outlook, Gmail, Office365 & IMAP accounts).  You can assign emails and tasks and always know who’s working on what.  The list of features goes on and on.  And you get a lifetime deal at a hugely discounted rate by clicking here.


SquidHub is another great tool if you need to collaborate with a group as part of your job.  It’s a project management & collaboration platform,  It displays all your team’s files, tasks, and messages in one single page.  And you can keep using your preferred file sharing service (like Google Drive, Office365, or Dropbox).

SquidHub gives you a message board so you can discuss projects with all of your team members.  SquidHub also gives you the ability to do direct messaging and video calls directly in your browser.

These are just a few of the features I love about SquidHub.  To learn about more, and take advantage of a great sale available, click here.


Want to be able to securely save your work files while you are at home?  Icedrive is a zero-knowledge encryption cloud storage tool you can use to access and share your files.  You can even mount the drive to your desktop and use it like you would a physical hard drive.  This is great if your computer at home doesn’t have enough storage for all your work files.  Get a lifetime deal for Icedrive by clicking here.


If you have an issue and you’re working in an office with others, you can call them over to your desk and show them the problem.  Or walk over to their computer and show them.  Either way, you can’t do that when everyone is working from home, right?

But that is one of the problems fixed by Clapboard.  Clapboard is a simple Google Chrome plugin that lets you record your webcam or screen.  You can choose webcam, screen share, or both and record your first video in minutes.  And Clapboard has in-video tools that you let you do things like draw on the page, use the cursor to focus on an important point, etc.

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Do you ever feel like you’re not quite organized enough?  Stackby can help with that.  Stackby lets you create your own company-specific work management platform with business APIs and customizable spreadsheet-style databases.  You’ll be able to start from scratch from 75+ pre-built templates.  Or you can pull from sources you already use (like Excel Spreadsheets or Google Sheets).  You can configure basic column types like text, date/time, number, dropdowns, collaborators, etc.  You can also add formulas for automated computation.  And link records between tables to define relationships, count and aggregate data from your columns.  You can connect these columns to third-party APIs like YouTube, Intercom, Clearbit,, etc., and let Stackby pull the desired information automatically.  You can bring in attachments from your computer or cloud storage, and reference data from a different table altogether via lookup.

These are just some of the neat features that come with Stackby.  Click here to get an amazing price for a lifetime deal.

Book Like a Boss

Do you find yourself needing to virtually schedule meetings or appointments?  Book Like a Boss is a great tool for you then.  It’s easy to use and comes with great features, like automated reminder emails.  Click here to get started.


Are you needing to run a meeting from home?  MeetFox gives you all the tools you’ll need!  You can set up your own personal meeting booking page and share those links.  You’ll be able to schedule more meetings without having to send out tons of email.  MeetFox even includes an automated invoicing system.

And MeetFox is a fully integrated video and chat solution.  You’ll be able to host video calls in your browser.  No downloads required!  You can also easily share your screen.

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Another great platform to help have effective meetings at home is  Why this platform is great is because it has great tools that integrate meeting content and project management.’s Project Dashboard gives you access to meetings, agendas, decisions, and actions.  They are all intuitively laid out along a timeline.  You can also see what projects are assigned to which team member on the Projects Page.  The Projects Page also gives you a general overview with start and end dates.  You can find out about all the meetings happening across all teams on the Meetings Page.   A few other good features include video conferencing with Zoom, managing meetings with Slack, and importing files from Dropbox and Google Drive.  You can get a great deal on a lifetime membership for by clicking here.


LiveWebinar is a great, cloud-based webinar platform you can run without any download required.  It is a great choice for anyone wanting to run a webinar or meeting.  It will allow you to run webinars on any platform and broadcast them to social channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

LiveWebinar also has a great chat option.  You’ll be able to answer questions and send messages and attachments to the attendees.  You’ll also be able to moderate the discussion and keep things on track.  There is even a private message option so you can communicate with your team while on the call.

LiveWebinar also lets you select the features needed for different types of presentations.  For interactive meetings, you can set the audio on so everyone can talk and join in on the discussion.  But for say, webinar presentations, you can keep the attendees muted until they’re prompted.

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EyesOn is another great cloud-based video calling & presentation solution.  You’ll be able to record, moderate, and share presentations with a great video solution.  EyesOn also gives you access to cloud-based video calls from any device or browser.  No downloads required  This is great if you want to collaborate one-on-one with clients or team members with a no-hassle video solution.

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Do find yourself now running your business from home?  Do you feel a bit overwhelmed?  Plutio can help with this.  You’ll be able to run your entire business from its platform.  With Plutio, you can easily create, edit, and see all your projects and tasks in its dashboard.  You can set start and due dates and customize workflow.  Plutio has a feature-rich inbox and live chat.  This lets you communicate with everyone in your business through real-time messaging and integrated emails.  Also built into the platform are proposals, time tracking, and invoices, which help you get paid on time.  And get you can Plutio for almost half off by clicking here.