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We’re right in the middle of Pride Month, which means there’s still plenty of time left to make some supportive LGBTQ Pride Month posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts!

If you run a social media account and want to design a Pride Month post (or a pride post any time of year), I’m sure you want it to look as professional and eye-catching as possible.

An easy way to do this is by using Lightroom presets and clip art specifically designed for LGBTQ+ pride.

Lightroom presets are filters you can use with Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom comes in a desktop format for your computer or laptop, as well as a free mobile app. With one click, you can improve the look of your photography (by brightening, adding vibrancy, bringing out certain colors, softening, etc).

Clip art consists of illustrations and designs that you can place over or within your images and graphics.

We at Website Tips & Tutorials have put together a list of some amazing pride presets, as well as some of our favorite pride clipart collections. Take a look through these lists and find the ones that fit you, your brand, and your personality the best. And then have fun using them to create stunning pride graphics!

Top 7 Best Pride Lightroom Presets

  1. LGBT Pride Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets (Pack of 5: Pop, Main, Magenta, Soft & Whites)
  2. Rainbow – Set of 11 Presets for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  3. Pride – 5 Vibrant Mobile & Desktop LR Presets for LGBT PRIDE
  4. Rainbow Pride – 16 Colorful Presets (for Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC Classic starting version 7.3 & Photoshop CC) – or save money by getting this Rainbow Pride Mini-Pack of 6 Presets
  5. Pride Mobile Lightroom Presets (Set of 5 LGBTQ inspired mobile presets)
  6. Rainbow – 5 Radiant Mobile Lightroom Presets
  7. Call Me By Your Name – 6 Vintage Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop

Top 35 Best Pride Clipart Options

  1. Pride Month Clip Art & Seamless Patterns – 80 Elements
  2. Cute LGBT Pride Clipart Illustrations
  3. Transgender Pride Watercolor Clipart & Seamless Patterns (52 Elements)
  4. Pride Cats – 10 Cute Watercolor LGBTGQ Pride Cat Clipart
  5. Lesbian Pride Clipart – 65 Elements
  6. Pride Vibes – A retro groovy collection of 80 Elements, 20 Backgrounds, 6 Patterns, 10 Pre-made Posters & 5 Posts
  7. Asexual Pride – 60 Watercolor Elements (Clipart & Seamless Patterns)
  8. Lots of Love Inclusive Pride Hearts (Lesbian, Genderqueer, Pansexual, Queer, Non-binary, Transgender, Asexual, Bisexual)
  9. Pride LGBTQ Watercolor Clipart – 30 Elements
  10. Non-Binary Pride Clip Art & Seamless Patterns (60 Elements)
  11. 100 LGBT Quotes with Rainbow Art
  12. Rainbows of Pride Clip Art & Seamless Patterns – 30 Elements
  13. Pride Month Gnome Clipart
  14. Pansexual Pride Clipart & Seamless Patterns – 55 Elements including Designs with Rainbow Pan Flags
  15. LGBTQ+ Activist Character Illustrations – Multiracial Activists Holding Rainbow LGBT Flags
  16. Aromantic Pride – 65 Watercolor Elements (Clipart & Seamless Patterns)
  17. Gradient Rainbow Pride Clip Art -17 Pride Icons with a Rainbow Gradient Effect
  18. Pride Doodle Clipart – 22 Fun Clip Art Images
  19. LGBT Couples Clip Art – 20 Elements
  20. Kawaii Gay Pride – 10 LGBTQ+ Heart Elements
  21. Pride Bundle of 250 LGBT Pride Quotes & Designs
  22. Gay Pride Clip Art & Seamless Patterns – 85 Elements
  23. Bearded Men LGBTQ Gay Pride Clipart Set – 4 Handsome Bearded Men part of the Queer/Pride/LGBT Community
  24. Agender Pride Clipart & Seamless Patterns – 58 Elements
  25. LGBTQ Pride – 51 Hand Painted Watercolor Elements
  26. Pride Heroes Clipart – 13 Elements
  27. Bisexual Pride Clipart & Seamless Patterns – 50 Bi Pride Watercolor Elements
  28. LGBTQ Pride Frogs with Flags
  29. Pride Month Clipart – 25 Rainbow Graphic Elements
  30. Rainbow Love & Pride Clipart Set
  31. Gay Pride Bundle of 30 Quotes with Rainbow Art
  32. The Complete Pride Month Toolbox – Colorful LGBTQ+ Clip Art, Seamless Patterns, Borders, & More
  33. LGBTQ Male Clip Art with Customizable Gay Couples
  34. Cute Otter Kawaii Queer Pride Clip Art – 27 LGBTQ Pride Otter Elements
  35. Pride Clipart – 25 Elements including Rainbow Waffle & Pets with Rainbow Flags