Best Lightroom Presets for Sunset

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Using Lightroom with Sunset Photography

If you’re a travel or lifestyle blogger, then a fun way to update your social media and blog (as well as capture gorgeous moments) is by taking and sharing sunset photos.

In addition to being naturally beautiful, sunset photography can really capture a certain feel or mood.

Sunsets can also make a stunning background for images by any influencer, blogger or photographer.

But sometimes those photos turn out darker than you wanted, or just aren’t quite what you’d like.

Luckily, you can use Lightroom presets specifically designed for sunsets to edit your images.

We’ve put together a list of the 35 best Lightroom presets for sunsets.

These are filters you can use with the Lightroom mobile app (which is free) or Lightroom on your desktop (which requires a paid subscription).

Take a look through this list to find the presets perfect for your projects.

35 Best Sunset Lightroom Presets

  1. Sunset Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop
  2. 36 Pro Sunset & Sunrise Presets for Lightroom Desktop
  3. Sunset Collection – 50 Lightroom Presets with Customizing Toolkit
  4. 20 Golden Hour Lightroom Presets
  5. Sunsets – 10 Adobe Lightroom Desktop Presets (ex. Brighter, Darker, Cool, Warm, Soft, Sharp, etc)
  6. Pink Sunset Pack of 4 Mobile Lightroom Presets
  7. 15 Pro Sunset Photography Presets for Lightroom
  8. Sunset: 25 Lightroom Presets
  9. Light Leaks Lightroom Preset Pack of 12 Colorful Presets Including Sunset (as well as Afterglow, Daybreak, Dusk, Glow, Sunrise, Nightfall, Twilight & more)
  10. Sunrise to Sunset 5 Mobile Presets for Lightroom
  11. Winter Sunsets 3 Lightroom Preset Mini-Series
  12. Sunset Pack – 15 Premium Lightroom Presets for Many Types of Sunsets
  13. Golden Hour (Sunrise & Sunset) Hot & Cold Lightroom Presets
  14. Soft Sunset Lightroom Preset (Mobile & Desktop Versions)
  15. Sunset Glow 10 Mobile & Desktop Presets
  16. 11 Rosé Gold Lightroom Presets – Serendipity Pack (+Mobile Version) Designed for Sunsets & Sun-kissed Photos
  17. Sunflare 10 Desktop & Mobile Presets Including Deep Orange, Naples Yellow, Sunny Sienna, Soft Cadmium, Faerie Butter, Heavenly Copper & More
  18. 10 Pro Sunset Photography Lightroom Presets
  19. Sunset Lightroom Presets by DeltaTemplates
  20. Blue and Orange Vibrant Sunset Preset for Adobe Lightroom
  21. Sunset Themed Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets & Photoshop Filters ACR
  22. Travel & Aerial Lightroom Preset Collection (Includes Sunset Lighthouse for Purple & Pink Sunset and Sunset Indo for Vibrant, Colorful Sunset)
  23. Sunset Vibes Premium Mobile Lifestyle Preset
  24. Warm Sunset Lightroom Preset
  25. Sunset Tones 10 Desktop & Mobile Presets (Such As Warm Kismet, Phoenix Reds, Deep Yellows, New Tangerine, Fire Peach, Deep Ruby & More)
  26. 5 Portrait/Lifestyle Inspired Sunset Lightroom Presets
  27. Sunset Skies Warm Lightroom Preset
  28. Golden Hour Mobile & Desktop Presets to Make Photos Look As If Taken at Sunset or Sunrise
  29. Sunset Desert 11 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets
  30. Pure Sunset 5 Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets
  31. Sunset – 60 Presets for Lightroom
  32. 15 Pro Sunlight Lightroom Presets to Add Sunlight to Photos
  33. Faded Sun Lightroom Preset for Matted Look of Moments After Sunset
  34. Sunsets in Dresden – 7 Lightroom Presets
  35. Moody Sunset Preset for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop