Best Lightroom Presets for Fashion Bloggers

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Why Use Lightroom Presets for Fashion Photography

If you’re a fashion blogger, then you know how important it is for your photos to look amazing.

If you’d like to improve your fashion photography, there’s a simple way to do it. And that’s by using Lightroom presets.

A Lightroom preset is like an Instagram filter – you can change the appearance of an image with just one click. And they are pre-designed to do specific things, like brighten, add a nostalgic feel, lighten, etc.

You can use Adobe Lightroom on your computer (laptop or desktop) with a subscription, or you can use the free mobile app on your phone.

Take a look at this list of the 50 best Lightroom presets for fashion bloggers. Find the presets that will best help you achieve the look that’s perfect for your blog posts (or social media feeds). Soon your fashion photos will be looking better than ever!

And if you’re brand new to blogging, not to worry. We have a 10 step guide to starting a fashion blog and making money from it.

50 Best Fashion Blogger Lightroom Presets

  1. Fashionate Pro Collection – With this pack of 87 trendy and classy Lightroom presets, you get the following: 20 High Fashion, 11 Black & White, 23 Vogue Fashion, 10 Retro Fashion, 8 Glamour Retouch & 15 Outdoor Photoshoot presets.
  2. Posh Fashion Bright White Mobile Lightroom Preset – If you have fashion photos with white backgrounds, then this mobile preset is perfect. You can easily create clear and bright images. This is ideal for fashion bloggers as well as Instagramers and Poshmark sellers.
  3. Fashion Collection Lightroom Presets – This preset bundle includes 50 beautiful Lightroom presets for stylish, lovely fashion photography.
  4. Fashion Outdoor Lightroom Presets – Use these 30 glamorous presets for your outdoor fashion shoots.
  5. Vanity Fashion Lightroom Presets Bundle – 5 collections are included in this bundle of 80 professional presets for fashion, lifestyle & beauty photographers: Romantic Fashion (10 presets), Fashion Creative Filter (17 presets), Vanity Fashion Magazine (23 presets), Old Paper – Black & White (15 presets) & Creative Shooting (15 presets).
  6. Fashion HDR Black & White Lightroom Presets – These 10 black and white presets also create soft, smooth effects.
  7. Matte Fashion Lightroom Preset Collection – Some of the Lightroom presets that come with this collection of 20 include California Style, Fashion Couple, Golden Toning, Bright Portrait, Low Saturation, Cold Color, Vintage Collars and more.
  8. Fashion Mag Lightroom Presets – Add a fashion magazine effect with one of these 6 presets for Lightroom: Cosmo, Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Flare and Allure.
  9. Fashion Week Lightroom Presets – The source of these 5 striking presets is Montreal Fashion Week A/W 2013.
  10. Fashion Bundle Lightroom & ACR Presets – Bloggers who post a lot of photos – and not just fashion shots – will benefit from this bundle of over 250 presets (226 Lightroom presets and 50 Camera Raw Presets). This bundle includes Portrait Fashion presets, Blogger Fashion presets, Insta Fashion presets and Fashion Pack presets. You’ll also get Portrait Pack, Portrait Magazine, Cinematic Orange and Teal, Stylish Portrait, Cine RGB and Premium Wedding presets.
  11. Autumn Lavender High Fashion Presets – If your photos have lots of blues and greens, these 3 high-end Lightroom presets are perfect for you. They bring burgundy and lavender colors to your images, creating a cinematic, nostalgic look.
  12. Hipster Fashion Lightroom Presets – Your fashion photography will look trendy and impressive with the 20 highly optimized presets in this collection.
  13. Retro Fashion Lightroom Presets – The 35 presets included in this bundle will create fashion photos with a beautiful, old fashioned feel.
  14. Trendy Fashion Lightroom Presets – Fashion bloggers and influencers can use these 15 presets for tasteful, trendy images.
  15. Breathtaking Premium Fashion & Portrait Lightroom Presets – You can also get these 85 eye-catching presets as part of a photographer mega-bundle of 367 lightroom presets, 128 lens flares and bokeh overlays & 95 photoshop actions.
  16. Minimal Blogger Lightroom Mobile Preset Set – Are you a fan of minimal style? Then you’ll love the bright highlights, dark shadows and rich grays and browns you’ll get from the 7 mobile presets in this set.
  17. Fashion Soft Presets – Enhance your fashion pictures with these 30 vivid Lightroom presets.
  18. Fashion Editorial Lightroom Presets – Do you want to make your high end fashion photos look even more beautiful? Try one of the 25 high quality presets included in this pack.
  19. Fashion Collection Golden Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Preset – A pure gold tone and increased contrast will produce bright, stylish photos with this Lightroom preset.
  20. Fashion/Model Lightroom Presets – Produce bold, dramatic fashion images using the 50 presets in this pack.
  21. Color Fashion Lightroom Presets – Make your colors pop with the use of one of these 5 Lightroom presets (for mobile and desktop).
  22. Fashion Neon Lightroom Presets – Give your fashion blog photos and Instagram feed a gorgeous aesthetic look with these 3 presets.
  23. Pastel Neutral She Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Set – These are 8 soft, Parisian style presets that will make the colors of your fashion photos (and all photography) more gentle, beige and elegant.
  24. Fashionable Portrait Indoor Lightroom Presets – You can create lots of different looks with this pack of 16 Lightroom presets, which includes Bright, Cool Vivid, Brownism, Hard Sepia, Simple Contrast, Glamourism, Elegant BW, Half Colour & more.
  25. Fashion Blogger Lightroom Preset – If you don’t want to choose between lots of preset options, consider this one beautiful Lightroom preset (in mobile & desktop forms, with installation instructions) for fashion bloggers.
  26. Fashion & Beauty Lightroom Presets – Easily edit your fashion photography with the 6 Lightroom presets included in this bundle: Night Beauty, B&W Classic, Smooth Skin Color Pop, Rusty Brown, Beauty Color Pop Tone and Cold Blue.
  27. 90’s Vintage Lightroom Presets – Do you have photos featuring retro 90’s fashion? Complete the perfect look with one of the 7 Lightroom desktop presets in this pack, focusing on bright yellows, reds and blues.
  28. Fashion Vacation Presets – Travel bloggers and fashion bloggers alike will benefit from the captivating photos produced by these 16 Lightroom presets.
  29. Fashion on the Street Lightroom Mobile Presets – Brighten and add a stylish feel to your fashion photography with this collection of premium mobile presets.
  30. Fashion Wedding Lightroom Presets – Create beautiful tones and emphasize details with the 10 lightroom presets in this pack, specifically designed for fashion and wedding photography.
  31. Vogue Fashion Presets – You’ll have especially trendy and classy fashion shots in no time with these 42 presets for Lightroom.
  32. Fashion Vibe Lightroom Presets – These 7 premium presets work on a variety of different fashion photos and are great for soft and deep colors, pastel tones and more.
  33. Chanel Mobile Lightroom Presets – Your fashion photography will look especially clean and bright with these 5 mobile presets, which work well for both indoor and outdoor shots.
  34. Fashion Blogger Q Series Presets – Inspired by VSCOCam Q Series, these 20 Lightroom presets will bring a modern minimalistic look to your fashion blog or Instagram feed.
  35. Ultra Fashion Lightroom Presets – Turn your fashion photos into vibrant, attention-grabbing images with the 20 Lightroom presets in this pack.
  36. Fashionista Mobile Presets – These 6 presets for Lightroom mobile work best with photos shot in natural light or in light spaces.
  37. Portrait Fashion Presets for Creative Photographers – These 16 stunning filters come in Lightroom mobile, Lightroom desktop and Photoshop versions.
  38. Fashion Look Lightroom Presets – Produce clean, colorful, unique fashion images with this pack of 12 Lightroom presets.
  39. Fashion Pro Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets – You can use these 12 versatile, clean presets for your fashion blog, Instagram, Facebook or website.
  40. Fashion Lightroom Presets Volume 2 – Bring an elegant look to your fashion shots with these 15 desktop and mobile Lightroom presets.
  41. Editorial Fashion Collection – Give your fashion photos and social media posts a cohesive, creative look with the 170+ Lightroom presets in this collection.
  42. Fashion Mix Lightroom Presets – Create soft, stylish photos that show off your subjects’ wardrobes with these 15 Lightroom presets.
  43. Fashion & Blogger Lightroom Presets – These 14 presets are perfect for fashion blogger, content creators and Instagrammers. They include such presets as Golden Hour, Vintage Pink, Hawaii, Winter Vibe, Jungle, Bright, Gold Coast, Tropical, Urban and more.
  44. Fashion HDR Lightroom Presets – Add a dramatic effect to your fashion photos with these 2 Lightroom presets (in desktop & mobile versions).
  45. Fashion Workflow Lightroom Presets – You can get 29 artistic fashion presets with this preset pack, and they are all also included in this mega bundle of 2100+ Lightroom presets (yes, you read that right!) for fashion, wedding and travel photography.
  46. Fashion Copper Lightroom Presets – Increase the warmth and brightness of your fashion photos with these 12 presets. They also work well with lifestyle, portrait, street and wedding photography.
  47. Magazine & Co. Premium Lightroom Presets – Create a polished magazine style look with your fashion images by using one of these 75 fashion and magazine presets for Lightroom and Photoshop ACR.
  48. Blue Pack Lightroom Presets – These modern, beautiful presets add a level of sophistication to your fashion shots.
  49. Fashion Blogger Lightroom Presets Pack – You’ll get Moody Fashion, Urban Fashion, Monochrome Fashion, Alien Fashion, fasion and more in this pack of 7 stylish presets for fashion blogs.
  50. Fashion Vogue Portrait Lightroom Presets – Your photos will have a professional fashion finish with these 21 Lightroom presets.