25 best Lightroom presets for cars mobile and desktop

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How to Edit Car Photos

Do you have a car blog or automotive enthusiast website? Are you a lifestyle, parenting or travel blogger who takes a lot of photos that include cars? Do you share a lot of car images as an Instagrammer, social media manager or influencer?

If you find yourself editing a lot of car photos (for business or for fun), then you’ll want to see these best Lightroom presets for cars.

They are well suited for car photography (and sometimes other subjects as well, such as motorcycles or bikes). Depending on the preset, they can create a moody look, bring out details, brighten or lighten your photos and more.

And Lightroom is pretty easy to use, too! You can edit photos with just one click. Lightroom has a free mobile app, or you can use the desktop version (which does require an Adobe subscription).

Top 25 Lightroom Presets for Car Photography

  1. Cars Lightroom Presets – This bundle of 25 desktop and mobile Lightroom presets, designed for car images (as well as landscapes in general), creates stunning photos.
  2. Classic Automotive Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – You can produce a modern, trendy look with one of these 6 Lightroom presets.
  3. Sports Car Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets – These 16 presets (in Lightroom mobile, Lightroom desktop & Photoshop versions) will make your car and motorcycle photos look stylish, glamorous and eye-catching. The mini pack includes 6 of these presets at a lower total price.
  4. Moody Car Presets for Desktop & Mobile – Add a stylized, professional look to your car photography with one of the 8 Lightroom mobile & desktop presets included in this bundle.
  5. Car & Bike Vehicle Filters – These Lightroom mobile & desktop presets are perfect for Instagram posts, blog images & general photos of cars, bikes and street scenes.
  6. Automotive Lightroom Presets – This pack of 10 Lightroom presets includes Hot Rod Heat (for a warm color tone), Stealth Sleeper (which is moody & dramatic), Bright Headlight (with a spotlight on the middle subject), Vintage Magazine (for a gritty, old-fashioned look), Summer Cruise (with a fun combination of colors), Cold Convertible (to add cool tones), Chrome Contrast (to bring out details), Smooth Paint (for a polished, glossy look), Color Rev (to add vibrancy) & Tire Smoke (for a white glowing, ethereal effect).
  7. Luxury Cars Presets for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop – One preset slightly boosts saturation & adds subtle contrast for a polished look that doesn’t look like it’s been too doctored or edited. The other preset adds a little more contrast and exposure which works well for photos taken in low light.
  8. Nasty in Red Desktop Presets – Bring out the best in your photos of red cars with these 4 Lightroom presets for desktop.
  9. Night & Cars & City Lightroom Preset – Add a moody look to your automotive, night or city images.
  10. Low Rider Lightroom Preset – Use this Lightroom preset works well for cars as well as photos with metal and other reflective urban spaces.
  11. Vrooom Car Photography Presets – In this bundle, you’ll get 10 presets (for Lightroom mobile and desktop), especially designed for things like exterior photography, interior shots, soft light, rich colors, black & white and more.
  12. Hot Wheels Mobile Presets – If you want your car photos to stand out, you’ll love this pack of 10 presets for Lightroom mobile.
  13. Car Details Desktop & Mobile Presets – Enhance details and add dramatic tones to your car, motorcycle & bike images. You’ll get 16 Lightroom presets in this pack (or 6 if you’d prefer the mini-pack).
  14. Automotive Collection of Lightroom Presets – The 8 Lightroom presets in this bundle work in a variety of settings, such as different locations or weather conditions. Some of the effects include lightening and bringing out more detail in your photographs.
  15. Navy Dreams Desktop Lightroom Presets – Do you have photos of navy or dark blue cars? Use one of the 4 Lightroom desktop presets included in this pack.
  16. Cars Presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile – This bundle of 25 presets were designed for photos of cars and motorcycles, as well as city and lifestyle shots.
  17. Racing Cars Lightroom Presets – The 9 presets for mobile and desktop in this pack was created for bloggers, influencers and photographers, to improve photos of cars and motorcycles in various lighting situations.
  18. Luxury Black Mobile Preset – This Lightroom preset for mobile works great for images inside cars as well as exterior shots.
  19. Retro Cars Mobile Presets – These 10 gorgeous presets for Lightroom mobile are great for your retro car photography.
  20. Super Car Tone 2 Lightroom Presets – You can use these 10 mobile presets for your car photos, especially for mommy or lifestyle bloggers whose images focus on both cars and people.
  21. Night City Mobile Lightroom Preset – Edit your nighttime photos of cars with this mobile preset for a contemporary, professional look.
  22. Four Wheels Desktop & Mobile Preset – Bring out intense color tones for a sharp look in your car photos with this Lightroom preset.
  23. Automotive Preset Pack – This pack of 5 car Lightroom presets (for desktop & mobile) includes Dark Light (for moody & dark images), Outcast (for moody & desaturated edits), Anacronym (to create a cinematic look), The Run (for clean & warm pictures) and Off The Air (for clean & moody edits).
  24. The Car Edition Lightroom Preset – Produce bold and stylish images with this preset for mobile and desktop.
  25. Car Lightroom Presets for White & Aqua Tones – Car photography with lots of whites or aquas work well with these 4 desktop presets.