Best Hanukkah Clip Art Illustrations of Menorah, Dreidels, Gelt, and other symbols

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Are you in search of some high quality Hanukkah clipart?

Perhaps you want to add Hanukkah illustrations to your blog, website, social media graphics, or email newsletter. Or maybe you’d like to add Hanukkah clip art to printables, worksheets, coloring pages or handouts.

Another great use would be on printed products such as Hanukkah invitations, greeting cards, or decorations for a Hanukkah party. You could even print it on sweatshirts, coffee cups, or other merchandise.

Here at Website Tips and Tutorials, we’ve put together a list of the 50 best Hanukkah clip art options. These are great clipart collections in a variety of styles and featuring different Hanukkah symbols. Look through this list and find the clipart ideal for your graphic design project. And have fun designing!

Note: If you plan on using the clipart to make money (such as to create a digital file to sell), make sure you’re allowed to do so. You’ll need a commercial license, which many of these include for free – or check to see if it says “commercial use” in the terms of use.

50 Top Hanukkah Clip Art

  1. The Complete Hanukkah Toolbox – Clipart, Borders, and more
  2. Hanukkah Celebration Doodles
  3. Watercolor Hanukkah with Dreidel, Hanukkah Menorah, Star of David, and more
  4. Happy Hanukkah Doodle Set
  5. Hanukkah Clipart Collection
  6. Hand Sketched Hanukkah Clipart
  7. Hanukkah Lights Clipart
  8. Gnomes Hanukkah Clipart (34+ Elements)
  9. Hanukkah Clip Art (40 Elements)
  10. Happy Hanukkah! – 16 Clip Art Files
  11. Hanukkah Bundle with 20 Illustrations (some with text)
  12. Quilted Winter Cottage Hanukkah Watercolor Clipart Set (159 Elements)
  13. Hanukkah Cheers Coffee Mug and Tea Cup Clipart (24 Elements)
  14. Watercolor Hanukkah Clip Art with Illustrations of Hanukkah Candles, Gelt, Latkes, and more
  15. Hanukkah Happenings, Cartoon Style – 25 Festive Cliparts
  16. Watercolor Hanukkah Symbols & Jewish Traditions – 25 Beautiful Cliparts
  17. Hanukkah Story Clip Art Collection
  18. Happy Hanukkah High Quality Clipart (30+ Elements)
  19. Hanukkah Pug Digital Clip Art (17 Elements)
  20. Latkes Clipart with White Background (12 Illustrations)
  21. Hanukkah Clip Art Illustrations (21 Images)
  22. Hanukkah Jewish Family Hand-painted Clipart
  23. Happy Hanukkah Clipart Collection for Personal Use (50 Elements)
  24. Hanukkah Hand Drawn Clipart (75 Designs)
  25. Silver and Blue Hanukkah Clipart
  26. Hanukkah Kids Clipart in Color and Clipart in Black and White
  27. Happy Hanukkah Kawaii Clipart
  28. Hanukkah Cookies Clip Art – 17 Graphics
  29. Menorah Clipart – 7 Designs
  30. Hanukkah Clipart Bundle with Iconic Symbols
  31. Happy Hanukkah Watercolor Set of 100+ Graphics
  32. Hanukkah Girls Clipart
  33. Hanukkah Watercolor Clip Art – 18 Bright Images
  34. Celebrating Hanukkah Bundle – 40 Elements and 50 Patterns
  35. Hanukkah Figures Watercolor Clipart – 7 Illustrations
  36. Happy Hanukkah Watercolor Set of 15 Elements
  37. Hanukkah Clipart Set – Includes Cute Kids, Star of David Kiddush Cup and more
  38. Hand Drawn & Painted Hanukkah Clipart Graphic Collection
  39. Hanukkah Collection of 13 Clipart
  40. Happy Hanukkah Cute Clipart (20 Graphics)
  41. Hanukkah Bundle of 17 Cliparts including Hanukkah Teddy Bear
  42. Watercolor Hand-painted Hanukkah Clipart – Set of 22
  43. Hanukah Clipart Bundle of 13 Elements with Bold Colors
  44. Chanukah/Hanukkah Ornament Clipart – Set of 5
  45. 40 Hanukkah Clipart Bundle
  46. Happy Hanukkah Watercolor Set with Clipart and Patterns
  47. Hanukkah Clipart – 23 Elements
  48. Hanukkah Bright and Happy Clipart
  49. Happy Hanukkah Clipart with Hanukkiya, Sufganiya and more
  50. Hanukkah Cute Owl Clipart