35 best fonts for Halloween graphic design

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Halloween Graphic Design

Working on Halloween graphics for your blog, website or social media accounts?

Give your posts a special seasonal touch by using one of these high quality fonts for Halloween!

Whether you’re looking for a spooky font or something more playful, you’re sure to find a font that fits your project.

If you use Canva Pro for graphic design, you can upload up to 100 custom fonts to use in all your designs.

You can also install fonts for use in Microsoft Word as well as for use in Adobe Photoshop.

Take a look at these top Halloween fonts to see what will work best for your Halloween content – and you might get ideas for new Facebook images, Pinterest pins, Twitter pics, Instagram posts & more!

Best Halloween Fonts

  1. Halloween Moon Handwritten Font – This cute font is perfect for fun Halloween graphics.
  2. Hey Boo Handwritten Font – The letters in this playful font alternate between spiders and webs.
  3. Halloween Font Bundle – In this bundle, you’ll get 4 fonts: Definitely Haunted (with a bold & spooky feel), Wickedly (a decorative font), Spooky (a brushed font) & Jack Myers (which involves bats, bones & webs).
  4. Creepy Halloween Witches Decorative Font – This fun decorative font incorporates Halloween images (like bats, spider webs and jack-o’-lanterns) into the letters themselves.
  5. Yikes Handwritten Font – You’ll love the dripping effect on this capital letter only font.
  6. Melt! Zombie Font – Whether you’re looking for a dripping slime effect or a melting brains look, this zombie font is for you!
  7. Dracula Font – Vampire as well as Halloween themed graphics and projects are perfect for this bold font.
  8. Halloween Typeface – This is a retro grunge style font that works well for Halloween posts (or even scary Christmas graphics).
  9. Monsterfield Bloody – You’ll be reminded of blood spatter and dripping blood with this Halloween font.
  10. Witchy Distressed Script – A fun, cursive font that also comes with three spider doodles.
  11. Cheesy Horror Font – If you want to create social media posts in the style of fun horror movie posters, this font works well.
  12. Skeleton Dance Halloween Font – Flesh and bones combine to great effect in this fun handwritten font duo.
  13. Dark Night Typeface – This is a sinister grunge font for graphics that are a bit darker in tone.
  14. Bloody Terror Horror Display Font – The distinctive feature of this decorative font is, fittingly, the blood dripping from the letters.
  15. I Know A Ghost Typeface – Loose, agitated and unbalanced, this handwritten font creates a disturbingly chilling effect.
  16. Karloff Halloween Horror Font – A bold, spooky font with a retro feel.
  17. Funny Halloween Font – Each letter is distinctively themed in this upbeat Halloween font.
  18. Spin Halloween Font – This is a webbed Mandala font for which every letter is capitalized and contains a spider web.
  19. Halloween Plaque – The display font has a textured appearance resembling wood, to give your creations a mysterious or vintage look.
  20. Midnight Moon Handwritten Font – Bats and swirls make this Halloween-themed font stand out.
  21. Ghostrick Typeface – If you want your graphics to combine thrilling with fun, this font is a great option.
  22. Another Danger Horror Font – This striking font comes in a regular and a slanted version.
  23. See You Nightmare Font – Inspire fear with this creepy font.
  24. Hayride Days Script Font – This pretty cursive font is perfect for seasonal projects, such as Halloween or autumn themed.
  25. Stranger Times Brush Font – You’ll get a realistic, transparent brush effect with this eerie font.
  26. Halloween Freak Show Font – Create terrifying graphics with this creepy type face.
  27. Macabre Font Trio – You’ll get three spooky, striking fonts with font bundle.
  28. Scaredy Pants Font – The upper case letters in this playful font contain Halloween symbols like skulls, cats, tombstones & more.
  29. Monster Party Font – A retro comic book feel makes the scratchy letters of this font quite lighthearted.
  30. Halloween Font – Use this quirky Halloween font on your website and social media accounts as well as printables.
  31. GateKeeper Font – Inspired by old horror movies and heavy metal bands, this edgy font uses pointy lettering.
  32. Papa’s Ghost Pipe Typeface – The rounded edges on this all-caps font gives the letters a ghost-like appearance.
  33. Caught Handmade Font – This fun handwritten font (with both capital and lower case letters) includes spiders or webs in the characters.
  34. Spooky Font – This cute seasonal font is both spooky and cheerful.
  35. Horror Font – You can use this distinctive font for Halloween content as well as hard rock and horror movie related graphics.