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Here’s a transcript from the above video, which will help you add a new website to your previous existing Kinsta account. This is great if you already have a site (or sites) on your Kinsta account but you want to add a new site.

So today I’m going to be adding a new website to an existing Kinsta account.

First, after you login to your dashboard, click on Sites on your left hand side.

Then we’re going to click on “Add site” and we’re here to add a new site.

For location, you’re going to pick a location that is central to your audience.  Our audience is mostly American, so we’re going to pick Iowa US central so it’s not too far away from any one place in America.  So if you’re on the west coast you’re probably going to want to pick Oregon.  Remember, the region you pick is not necessarily where you live, but your audience.

The name of the site, it’s got to be lower case or numbers, no spaces.  Only you will see this, but you’ll want it to be something that makes sense to you.

If you have your own domain you’ll be using (such as if you’ve already purchased it), then check the box that says I’ll use my own domain.

Under “Your Domain Name,” write the name of your domain.

Where it says “Don’t Install WordPress” we’re going to choose “Add a brand new WordPress Install” (choose from the drop down menu).

We’re going to then have to fill out this information for WordPress.

“Site title” people are going to see on your website.

For “user name”, you don’t want to use “admin”.  Although it’s tempting, it’s a little too obvious so if people are trying to hack into your website for whatever reason – they’re going to try “admin” first.

“Admin password”, you cannot change this.  It’s going to be generated.  If you keep pressing the circular arrow, it will generate a new password for you.  Press the clipboard icon to copy the password.  You’re going to want to copy that somewhere.  Once you login for the first time to your wordpress install then you can change your password to something that’s easier to remember.

Type your e-mail into “admin email”.

For language, this will be the language you use, not necessarily your audience, so choose whichever language makes the most sense to you.

And here for multi-site you’re probably not going to press this unless you know that you’re doing a multi-site.  If you don’t know what that means, you can probably just ignore it.

Woo-commerce is if you are selling things.  It’s a really popular commerce plugin; again, if you’re not planning on selling things, just ignore it.

Probably the one you’re going to want to check is Yoast SEO.  I use that on all my wordpress sites.  It just helps you show up better in search engines & things like that.  Go ahead and click that and if you don’t, don’t worry; you can add that later.

Then you click “Add”.