Why your WooCommerce store needs a CyberChimps Responsive Theme

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7 Reasons CyberChimps has the Best Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Are you looking for that perfect WooCommerce theme?  Then you need to check out the CyberChimps WooCommerce themes!  CyberChimps has wonderful responsive WooCommerce themes.

It is important to have a responsive WooCommerce website because people use lots of different devices when they are shopping online.  A recent study showed that 40% of online shoppers use a mobile phone and 40% of shoppers use a desktop or laptop.  So you will want your online store to work well on both of these devices.

So you will definitely want to use one of the wonderful responsive CyberChimps themes for your WooCommerce website.  Why is that?  We’ll go over even reasons why the CyberChimps Responsive WooCommerce themes are so great.

1. Ready-to-use Templates

CyberChimps has gorgeous, ready-to-use Responsive WooCommerce themes.  This is important because it will save you a lot of time.  You can easily and quickly customize the theme for your WooCommerce store.  And then you can get your WooCommerce website out there and ready to go much sooner!

2. Fully Customizable Color

So when I said you could quickly customize it, did I mention that it’s fully customizable!  Because the CyberChimps Responsive WooCommerce themes are fully customizable!  And that means you can customize colors.  You can get your website to have colors to reflect your logo or store colors.  Or any colors you want to use.  You can customize the colors for buttons, sales bubbles, content, ratings, etc.

3. Fully Customizable Layout

In addition to just changing colors, you can also easily change the layout of your store and your product pages.  This means you can change where everything (like the title, product photo, description, price, etc.) is on the page.

4. Fully Customizable Typography

You can also easily change the typography used.  This means you can use your favorite font, change the size of the font, etc.

5. Fast Themes

So I may not have to tell you how important it is that your WooCommerce store be fast.  If your WooCommerce shop doesn’t load quickly, people could leave your website.  You could be missing out on a lot of sales with a slow website.  A study showed 70% of customers say speed determines whether or not they buy a product.  Plus, Google and other search engines use speed when they rank websites.  So it could hurt your website from being found if you have a slow WooCommerce website.

That is why CyberChimps Responsive WooCommerce themes are so great.  They are really fast.  They have great speed scores from GTmetrix, PageSpeed, Pingdom, and YSlow.

6. Search Engine Optimized

So I mentioned how fast speeds help you do well with search engines, right?  If that made you happy, then you will happy to know that CyberChimps Responsive WooCommerce websites are search engine optimized.  That means that by getting a CyberChimps theme, you will help your WooCommerce store show up higher in Google and other search engines.  Which is obviously a great thing and can help your sales revenue increase!

7. It’s Secure

A great thing about CyberChimps WooCommerce themes is that they’re coded according to the latest WordPress.org coding & security guidelines.  That helps keep your website safe from hackers and malware attacks.