best pink lightroom desktop & mobile presets

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Should You Use Pink Lightroom Presets?

Are you looking for the best pink Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are an easy, effective way to add a beautiful cohesive look to your Instagram feed, blog photos, Pinterest pins or other social media posts.

Using pink presets can help you achieve a gorgeous branded look, give your photos of feminine feel or help you create a certain style in a creative project.

Lightroom presets are sort of like Instagram filters except you can use them on any photos. With one click you can change the coloring of your images. You can use them on mobile (Android or iPhone), which is free. You can also use them on desktop/laptop if you have Adobe Lightroom. We’ll show you how to use both versions a little later.

In our list of the 30 best pink Lightroom presets, you are sure to find the preset that will perfectly fit the look and feel you’re going for. Whether it’s a millennial pink preset, a bold pink preset, or something that will work great with pinks in combination with greens or blues, there is certainly something for everyone.

Top 30 Pink Presets for Lightroom

  1. Sweet Pink Desktop & Mobile Presets – This is the ultimate preset pack to create a feminine pink look! The bundle includes 50 different presets with both mobile and desktop versions. The presets fall into one of five categories: Avleen, for sunny days; Cerys, for a vintage, nostalgic feel; Chloe, with an amber-pink hue; Inara, for pastel tones; and Jamelia, which are the boldest presets.
  2. Wonderland Pink Mobile Lightroom Presets – Do you want bright images with a soft pink tone? You’ll love this pack of 8 Lightroom presets for mobile. Perfect for interior shots as well as outdoor photos.
  3. Pink Bloom Mobile Presets – This pack of 5 mobile Lightroom presets are ideal for travel, lifestyle and mom bloggers as well as wedding photographers.
  4. Millennial Pink Mobile Presets – Brighten up dull images, shadows and lighting with this Lightroom preset pack. The 4 mobile presets include Millennial Warm, Millennial Brighter, Millennial Dreamy and Millennial Extra Bright.
  5. Pink Attitude Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets – Travel and fashion bloggers will love this pack of 5 stylish presets (available in mobile and desktop versions). The presets work best with images that contain pink elements.
  6. Peachy Pink Mobile Lightroom Presets – Soften and brighten your photos with gentle and warm pink tones by using one of these 3 mobile presets. These presets work on both indoors and exterior photos and are excellent for lifestyle and fashion bloggers and influencers. You can also get the desktop version of this preset pack.
  7. Pink Lemonade Lightroom Presets – This is the easy way to make your travel photos and posts stand out using this pack of 12 Lightroom presets.
  8. Pink Confetti Lightroom Mobile Presets – Make your pinks pop with this bright mobile preset that works well for bloggers and Instagrammers.
  9. Amethyst Pink Mobile Lightroom Presets – Inspired by the beautiful Amethyst crystal, this set of 12 mobile presets gives images a moody feel with hues of pinks as well as purples and a little blue.
  10. Clear Pink Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Preset – This preset (which comes with both a mobile and desktop version) will give your photos a clear pink and white look with a feminine touch. It’s great for social media influencers, travel bloggers and photographers.
  11. Sweet Pink Lightroom Mobile Presets – Add pink and gold tones your photos with this pack of 4 Lightroom presets (for mobile only).
  12. Pink & Airy Lightroom Mobile Presets – Give your photos a beautiful pink glow with this Lightroom preset pack. You’ll get 3 different mobile presets: Pink & Airy Official, Pink & Airy Extra Pink and Pink & Airy Luxe Bold.
  13. Pink Dream Lightroom Presets – If your images already contain pink, then this pack of presets will help you achieve just the right look! Includes Pink Soft, Pink Paradise, Pinky, Pink Lemonade, Peach Tone and Pastel presets.
  14. Cotton Candy Lightroom Mobile Presets – Bring out pastel pink and blue tones with this fun Lightroom preset pack. These 4 mobile only presets are great for fashion, travel and lifestyle bloggers and Instagramers.
  15. Pink Mobile Lightroom Presets – These bright presets (only for mobile) are an excellent way to provide a gorgeous, cohesive look to your blog or Instagram feed.
  16. Warm Pink Desktop Presets – You can add a warm and vivid pink feel to your images with these 2 Lightroom presets for desktop.
  17. Rose Gold Mobile Lightroom Presets – This pack of 4 beautiful presets for mobile were designed especially for bloggers and travel photographers. They add a warm and bright pink look to your photos.
  18. Wanderlust Pink Mobile & Desktop Presets – Are you a travel blogger? Then you’ll want to use these stunning Lightroom presets. This pack of 16 presets have both mobile and desktop versions and are great for improving light, color and contrast in your travel photos.
  19. Pink Mood Lightroom Presets – Add lovely pink coloring to your photos with this set of 3 Lightroom presets (for mobile and for desktop).
  20. Summer Pink Mobile Lightroom Preset – Photographers, bloggers and Instagramers can use this cheerful mobile preset to add a bright summer pink look to photos.
  21. Pink & Aqua Lightroom Mobile Presets – If you want to add pink and teal colors to your photos, these 2 mobile Lightroom presets are perfect for you! They work particularly well with travel photos. You can also get the same presets for desktop here.
  22. Pretty in Pink Mobile Lightroom Presets – Create eye-catching images with these 5 mobile presets, which work great for influencers and travel bloggers.
  23. Coral Pink Mobile & Desktop Presets – Add warm coral pink shades to your posts and photos with this Lightroom preset (for mobile and for desktop).
  24. Pinky Promise Mobile Lightroom Preset – Your photos will have a beautiful, bright and pastel look with this mobile preset.
  25. Pink Blush Lightroom Mobile Preset – With this pack of 5 mobile presets, you can create a gorgeous and bright pink look with your images.
  26. Pink & Green Lightroom Presets – This set of 50 elegant presets (mobile and desktop) work best for fashion bloggers and portrait photography. Bring out pink tones with complementary greens and teals. This bundle includes 10 Strawberry Presets, 10 Blush Presets, 10 Flamingo Presets, 10 Bubble Gum Presets and 10 Love Letter Presets.
  27. French Pink Lightroom Mobile Presets – Dramatically lighten your images while adding lovely pink tones with this pack of 5 mobile presets.
  28. Pink Fluff Lightroom Preset – Give your fashion focused images a fun pink look with this preset for mobile and desktop.
  29. Cherry Pink Lightroom Mobile Presets – This vibrant preset is the perfect way for bloggers, travelers & anyone stylish to add a beautiful pink tone and feel to their photos. You can also get the desktop version here.
  30. Pinkish Glow Lightroom Mobile Presets – Using this pack of 3 mobile presets will allow bloggers and Instagrammers to add a soft pink feel while brightening up their photos.

How to Install Lightroom Presets Easily

Once you’ve found the right preset(s) for your images, you’ll want to import them into Lightroom so that you can use them with just one click!

First, make sure you have Lightroom – you’ll need either the free mobile app or you’ll need to purchase a subscription to use the desktop version.

Then, you’ll want to install the presets.

How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets (iPhone)

How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets (Android)

How to Install Lightroom Desktop Presets