best LUTs for DaVinci Resolve video editing software

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Want to take your video editing to the next level the easy way?

Check out these best LUTs for DaVinci Resolve, and you can easily improve your videos.

We’ll take a look at what DaVinci Resolve is, what LUTs are & then you can check out the list of the best LUTs.

This is a must read if you are a blogger, small business owner, influencer, social media manager or virtual assistant.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve is a way you can edit your video clips. It’s a great way to make videos for YouTube as well as for social media posts.

Because there are both free and paid versions, you can download the free version and try it out without making a financial commitment. If you find you like it and want to take advantage of additional features, you can purchase the full version.

You can get the free version here (just scroll to the bottom of the page).

For the more extensive DaVinci Resolve Studio version, click here.

What are LUTs?

LUT stands for Lookup Table. If you’re looking for a more in depth explanation, start here. Otherwise, what you basically need to know is that you can use LUTs to change the coloring of your video clips. It can be as simple as a few clicks, somewhat like using Instagram filters or Lightroom presets.

You can use a LUT to create a mood, make a video stand out, look more cohesive, etc.

Top LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

Note that typically you can use these LUTs in many video editing programs, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut and more. They are not specific to DaVinci Resolve. However, they do work well with Resolve, and it is one of the programs we recommend (especially if you are looking for a free editing program to try).

  1. DaVinci Resolve Effects & Presets – This extensive package includes over 500 LUTs, presets, elements and transitions specifically for DaVinci Resolve.
  2. Cinematic LUTs Pack – Add a beautiful, cinematic look to your videos using this pack of 12 LUTs.
  3. Cyberpunk Lightroom Presets & LUTs – This bundle includes 50 LUTs as well as 50 Lightroom presets. They fall into one of 5 categories: Tokyo (which focuses on cyan and oranges), Sunset (which brings out hot yellows), Miami (emphasizing purple, teal & yellow), Glitch (provides inversed tone) & Abandoned (adds dark black shadows to emphasize neon lights and signs). You can also get a smaller Cyberpunk pack with 10 LUTs and 10 Lightroom presets.
  4. Film LUTs for Travel Video – You can choose one of the 6 LUTs included in this pack for your travel and outdoors videos. The LUTs include Coniferous Forest, Tossa Streets 1 & 2, Barcelona Port and Beach Sunset 1 & 2.
  5. Davinci Resolve LUTs – These 20 stunning LUTs are specifically for DaVinci Resolve, though you can also use them with Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects CC, FCPX, Luminar, etc.
  6. Anime LUTs and Lightroom Presets – These bright and beautiful LUTs will make the colors of your videos pop. This bundle of 50 Luts includes 10 Virtual LUTs (for a dreamy look), 10 Game LUTs (blue and purple shadows for a classic game console look), 10 Arcade LUTs (creating a simple but dramatic look with reds and blues), 10 Yolk Presets (for a minimalist look) and 10 Anime LUTs (perfect for sunny photos with blue skies). For each LUT, the bundle also includes corresponding Lightroom desktop and mobile presets for photos.
  7. Lifestyle Blogger LUT – Lifestyle bloggers and vloggers can use this LUT to produce a slightly matte, washed-out style in their videos.
  8. Bountiful Garden LUTs and Lightroom Presets – Use these bright presets on your food & lifestyle videos to make your clips stand out. This bundle comes with 10 Ripe and Ready LUTs (with complimentary teals & reds), 10 Calm Evenings LUTs (film tones with added dimensions for foilage), 10 Rustic LUTs (earthy tones for a nostalgic look), 10 Clean and Airy LUTs (with a bright & open feel) and 10 Harvest Season LUTs (which will enhance your colors & make them pop). Also included are mobile Lightroom and desktop presets that are similarly themed.
  9. Hollywood LUTs Pack – Create Hollywood style film tones for your videos with these 8 LUTs.
  10. Social Influencer LUTs and Lightroom Presets – These trendy LUTs and Lightroom presets were inspired by top social media influencers. You’ll get 10 LUTs and 10 mobile & desktop presets each for the following categories: Skin Focus (emphasizing skin tones), Luxe (light and airy with matte colors), Foodie (bright and clean to improve food photography), Teal Orange (popular orange and teal styles) & Amber (warm film style with subtle bronze skin tones).
  11. Premiere LUTs – You can create stunning videos with this pack of 20 LUTs, including Blue Balance, Nature, Multicolour, Dark Shadow, Cream Tinted, Skin Tone, Evening Scape & more.
  12. Winter Snowscapes LUTs & Lightroom Presets – These LUTs and Lightroom mobile & desktop presets are perfect for travel bloggers, vloggers and anyone with winter landscapes in their videos and photos. With this bundle, you’ll get 10 Crisp LUTs (sharp, crisp film tones), 10 Pure Snow LUTs (pure whites with soft hazy tones), 10 Hyacinth LUTs (coppers & navy blues for an intense look), 10 Brambling LUTs (warm sepia tones to produce wintertime warmth) and 10 Blizzard LUTs (gold hues with chilly blue tones). You’ll also get corresponding Lightroom presets to use with your photography.
  13. Cinematic Nature LUTs – This pack includes 10 different, high quality LUTs perfect for creating a vibrant look with your landscape, outdoor or drone footage.
  14. Food Lightroom Presets & LUTs – Food bloggers & restaurant owners can use these Lightroom presets for mobile & desktop on their food photos and the LUTs on their videos. A total of 50 presets and 50 LUTs are included, each falling into one of these categories: Tomato Basil (bringing out reds & greens), Hearty (emphasizing greens, yellows & reds), Breakfast (giving egg yolks a warmer yellow color while adding to contrast of bread), Rustic Bread (perfect for bread videos) & Superfood (enhancing vibrance & brightness).
  15. Dark Cold Cinematic Tones LUTs Pack – Are you looking for a dark cinematic look for your videos? Create contrast and bring out cold and smooth highlights with this pack of 5 LUTs.
  16. 50 Red Tone LUTs & Lightroom Presets – Bring a bright and beautiful red tone to your videos with these 50 LUTs. You can also add the same radiant look to photos with the corresponding Lightroom mobile and desktop presets that are also included in this pack. You’ll get 10 each in the following categories: Radiant (a dreamy look), Dawn (bright reds and vivid teals ideal for travel vloggers), Sage (soft pink skin tones and red accents), Wine (a nostalgic look with maroon red) & Lady (an infrared film type look).
  17. Interior Design HDR LUTs – Real estate agents, travel bloggers, brick and mortar business owners and more will enjoy using these interior design LUTs. The 22 LUTs include options like Interior HDR Vibrant, Classic, Cinematic, Faded, Airy, Bright, Trendy & more.
  18. Budapest Pink LUTs & Lightroom Presets – These 50 LUTs for your videos (and similar Lightroom mobile & desktop presets for your photos) were inspired by the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. They include Gustave LUTs (bright cherry pink with a royal purple similar to that in the movie’s hotel uniform), Checkpoint 19 LUTs (cool blues contrasted by lighter pinks), Mendl (cinematic vibes with cupcake pink & soft periwinkle), Budapest (a surreal, moody film look with pink overlays) and Once Ritzy (classic maroons and hints of purple and pink for a nostalgic feel).
  19. Cinepack LUTs – Produce a high quality motion picture look with one of the professional looking LUTs included in this pack, such as vlog, concert, skintone, landscape & much more (with a total of 30 different categories).
  20. Dove White LUTs & Lightroom Presets – This pack will create a bright and airy look that’s perfect for food, travel or lifestyle bloggers and vloggers. You’ll get 50 LUTs as well as 50 Lightroom Desktop and Mobile presets.
  21. Vintage Faded – Cinematic LUTs Pack – With this pack of LUTs, you can add a faded look to your videos.
  22. 50 Bleak Lightroom LUTs and Presets – Create stylish, moody landscapes with these 50 LUTs (the pack also includes Lightroom presets). These LUTs are perfect for travel bloggers, especially if you’re making videos of places like Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, etc.
  23. Free Love LUT – Use this LUT for videos shot in nature or outdoors. It will create a slightly washed-out look with soft, warm skin tones.
  24. Lavender LUTs and Lightroom Presets – You can create a whole new look with these beautiful LUTs and Lightroom desktop & mobile presets. The pack includes a total of 50 LUTs and 50 presets, 10 each labeled as: Iris (with a mix of purples), Ultraviolet (for an intense look), Viola (bright yellows, soft cyans & of course purples), Eggplant (purple tones with cyan skies) & Lavender (film tones with purple looks).
  25. Night and Low Light LUTs – If your videos were shot in low light or at night, you can use one of these 12 LUTs (including Night HDR, Stars, Defog, Cinematic, MicroContrast & more) on your clips.
  26. Beach Life LUTs & Lightroom Presets – Enhance your beach videos with these 50 LUTs. You can also improve your beach photography with the 50 Lightroom mobile and desktop presets included. You’ll get 10 LUTs each classified as Tropical (bright and airy), Vintage (sepia shadows for a nostalgic look), Azure (blue-enhancing hues), Tranquility (moody and dim with a spiritual feel) & Rosy (calming and soft with a little rose pink).
  27. Wanderscape LUT Pack – These 11 stunning LUTs were created for travel and adventure videographers.
  28. 50 Clean Corporate LUTs & Lightroom Presets – Business owners & entrepreneurs should consider this pack of 50 LUTs, ideal for professional looking business and corporate videos. You also get corresponding Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop. The LUTs fall into one of 5 categories: Inspire (brings out pinks and teals), Authentic (bright film tones), Ambition (subtly brings out orange and blue), Transform (adds a nostalgic vibe) & Enrich (warm tones add a trustworthy feel).
  29. Creative LUTs Collection #1 – This stylish pack of LUTs includes Desaturated, Gold Sunset, Surreal Sunset, Minus Green, Navy, Night Harbour & Sunny Town.
  30. Fitness LUTs and Lightroom Presets – Videos of bodybuilding, CrossFit, cycling or other fitness topics will look even better with these 40 LUTs & 40 Lightroom presets (for mobile & for desktop). Includes 10 Cycle LUTs (energetic color with a little nostalgia), 10 Bodybuilding LUTs (deep contrast and bronze tones for an intense look), 10 HIIT LUTs (gritty and harsh for a powerful look) & 10 Athleisure LUTs (ideal for sportswear and fashion videos).

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