20 best spring Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop

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Using Lightroom Presets for Spring

Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, social media manager or online business owner, you know how important it is to use the best images. Not only should they fit your branding and content, but they also need to stand out!

With springtime approaching, now is the perfect time to start creating spring content. And if you want to give your photos that perfect bright & airy spring look, consider using one of these Lightroom presets!

Lightroom is a highly regarded photo editing tool. It’s an easy way to give your photos a professional, beautiful appearance. In fact, you can use a Lightroom preset (kind of like an Instagram filter) with just one click!

All you need to do is install your preset first – but don’t worry, we’ve included instructions in the end for doing this.

So take a look at these 20 amazing Lightroom presets – some for desktop/laptop only, some for mobile only, and some for both. You’ll be sure to find the right preset for your Instagram feed, blog entry, new Pinterest pin or website header! Use it to enhance your photos for all of your spring content.

Top 20 Spring Lightroom Presets

    1. Spring Lightroom Preset for Mobile & Desktop – Looking for a soft spring aesthetic for your photos? This preset is perfect for that! You’ll get both a mobile and a desktop version.
    2. Flower Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – You’ll get 9 Lightroom presets (for mobile and for desktop) in this pack. It’s an easy way to add a brighter, more vibrant feel to your spring photos.
    3. Breezy Spring Lightroom Mobile Presets – Use these mobile presets on your images to add warmth, color and depth to your photos. This pack includes 4 presets specifically designed for bloggers, influencers and others to use on photos taken during springtime.
    4. Pastel Blogger Mobile Presets – Add a soft pastel feel to your spring photos with these presets (for mobile only). The pack includes 15 Lightroom presets, perfect for bloggers and photographers.
    5. Spring Colors Lightroom Desktop Presets – This preset pack includes 50 lovely Lightroom presets. Please note that all of these presets work on desktop only.
    6. Spring Green Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – This package of 5 presets (available in mobile and in desktop) works best for dark or normal photos (indoor or outdoor). You’ll be able to give your photos a clean, bright and modern look, perfect for spring.
    7. Fleur Mobile and Desktop Presets -With this pack, you’ll get 6 Lightroom presets (available in mobile and desktop) that will bring a vibrant spring feel to your photos.
    8. Spring Bloom Lightroom Mobile Preset – Your photos will really stand out if you use this bold spring preset (for mobile only).
    9. Spring Mobile Lightroom Preset – This pretty pastel preset works in mobile Lightroom only.
    10. Grassland Lightroom Presets – With this preset pack, you get 28 different Lightroom presets, including Green Forest, Green Hills and Spring Sprouts. The presets work best with images with a lot of green. This is a great preset option for wedding photographers, travel bloggers, and really all bloggers who ever use outdoor shots.
    11. Spring Lightroom Presets – You’ll love this bestselling preset pack! It includes 3 presets (in desktop and mobile) ideal for well-lit outdoor photos using natural light and containing spring colors.
    12. Daisy Chain Mobile Lightroom Presets – These presets bring out the green and yellow hues to give a glow to your floral photos. The pack contains 4 different presets.
    13. Spring Mood Lightroom Mobile Preset – Add a vibrant pink look to your photos with this Lightroom preset (only compatible with mobile).
    14. Pastel Light & Airy Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack – Create beautiful light and airy pastel tones using one of these 3 mobile presets (Pastel, Pastel Cooler & Pastel Sharper). Perfect for bloggers, influencers, moms and anyone who wants to enhance their spring images.
    15. Mobile Lightroom Preset | Spring – This lightroom preset for mobile will really bring the colors out in your spring photos.
    16. Spring Mobile Presets – Using this mobile preset pack will result in lovely spring photos. This pack, containing 4 presets, is only for Lightroom mobile.
    17. Spring Tones Lightroom Mobile Presets – Give a stylish spring feel to your photos by using one of the 4 presets (for mobile only) in this pack.
    18. Flower and Garden Festival Presets – Headed to the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT this spring, or any flower festival? Use one of these stunning Lightroom presets: Butterfly Garden, Fairy Garden, Topiary and Springtime.
    19. Easter Mobile Presets – If you want a light and lovely look for your spring photos, use one of the 4 mobile Lightroom presets included with this pack.
    20. Spring Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack – This pack of 5 mobile presets works well with travel, lifestyle, blogger, family, wedding and portrait photos, taken indoors and outdoors.

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