10 reasons why WPForms is the best survey software out there

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10 Reasons Why WPForms is the Best Survey Software

Do you want to add surveys to your website?  Are you looking for the best survey software?

If you run a WordPress website, then you need to go with WPForms!  Why you might ask?  Well, we are glad you asked!  Because today, we’re going to go over ten reasons why it is the best survey software out there!

1. It’s Really Easy to Create Surveys

If you are looking for survey software, you want it to be easy, right?  Well, luckily WPForms is easy to use!  They have a great drag and drop builder.  What that means is that you don’t have to use any coding to create surveys.  You can just literally drag items and drop them right onto your webpage.  Creating a survey in WordPress could take hours.  But it takes just minutes with WPForms.  That not only saves you time but also a lot of frustration!

2. It Has Great Form Templates

Part of why creating a survey with WPForms is so quick is because of all the templates they give you.  They are already pre-built.  So you can just quickly put it in your information rather than start from scratch.  And that saves you so much time!

3. It Has Powerful Survey Logic

But don’t think just because it’s easy to create means your surveys will be basic!  It’s actually quite the opposite.

And that is because WPForms uses survey logic.  That means you can set up a form where a survey can be personalized based on a user’s previous answer.  For example, if you ask a user if they have shopped online in the past year and they say yes, then you can ask them more questions based on that.  But if they say no, the survey can just go on to the next question.  This allows you to get much better results from your surveys.

4. It Has Multiple Survey Field Options

Another reason that WPForms creates great surveys is because it gives you the ability to create forms with many different field options.  So you are not stuck with doing just one kind of survey.  You can use multiple choice, star ratings, the Likert scale, etc.

5. It Has Great Survey Reporting

When you do a survey, beautiful reports are automatically built.  You can then customize these reports.  You can then export the graphs for presentations or even display the results to your website’s users!

6. It Is Mobile Friendly

Once upon a time, people just viewed websites on desktops and laptop computers.  But we live in a different world now where a lot of people go online via their phone.  And this can be a problem for surveys.  Because a survey that works well on a desktop or laptop screen may not work properly or look right on a phone screen.

But luckily, that is not a problem with WPForms.

7. It is Easy to Embed

You can easily embed your survey forms in blog posts, sidebar widgets, pages, the footer, etc.

8. You Get Instant Notifications

WPForms has a great instant notification feature so you’re instantly notified of new form submissions.  This allows you to respond quickly to new leads!

9. You Can Create Real-time Polls

Want to create polls, too?  WPForms lets you create polls in real-time.  Up to date results can then be posted immediately on your website after someone takes the poll.

10. You Get Spam Protection

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you create a survey is to get spam submissions.  But luckily, WPForms makes sure that doesn’t happen.  Spam submissions are automatically prevented by their smart captcha and spam protection.


Because WPForms is both easy to use and extremely powerful, we highly recommend using WPForms for your surveys.  You can click here to get started.