How to easily create a raffle for Twitter, Facebook, email lists., etc. on WordPress with a plugin

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10 Reasons to Use the WP Raffle Plugin

Have you been wanting to run a raffle on your WordPress website?  Then you should get the WP Raffle plugin!  The WP Raffle plugin allows you to easily host giveaways on your WordPress website.

And it is a great plugin.  You may be wondering, why it such a great plugin?  We will go over ten reasons why WP Raffle is a great plugin and will help you in many different aspects of your business or blog.

1. You Can Use it For Facebook Like Campaigns

Are you looking to get more engagement on your Facebook page?  You can use WP Raffle for Facebook Like Campaigns!

2. You Can Use it For Twitter Follow Campaigns

Looking to get more Twitter followers?  You can also use this plugin for a raffle to get more Twitter followers!

3. You Can Use it For Twitter Retweet Campaigns

Another way you can use a raffle to help your Twitter account is for a retweet campaign.  Which you can do with WP Raffle!

4. You Can Use it For Email Subscription Campaigns

Do you want to get more people on your email list?  A great way to do that is with a raffle.  And you do that with WP Raffle.  WP Raffle integrates with top email marketing platforms like AWeber, Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor.

5. You Can Do Multiple Giveaways Per Campaign

WP Raffle is such a premium plugin that you will be able to multiple giveaways per raffle campaign.

6. No Coding is Required

But just because WP Raffle gives you premium features does not mean that it is complex to use.  You do not need to know any coding in order to use WP Raffle.

7. It Has a One-click Winner Selection

Worried that getting a winner will be complicated?  Not with WP Raffle!  WP Raffle has a one-click winner selection.

8. Add Anywhere in WordPress with ShortCode

WP Raffle gives you the flexibility to add the raffle anywhere on your WordPress site.  You can add it anywhere in WordPress by using ShortCode.

9. Quick User Registrations

No one wants to do a lengthy user registration when they are signing up for a raffle.  That can cause people to abandon the website.  Which is bad, because you do a raffle with the hope of getting a lot of new user registrations!

But with WP Raffle, users can quickly register.  And this is quite ideal!

10. You Can Customize The Giveaway Start & End Times

Do you want your giveaway to begin and end at specific times?  With WP Raffle, you can customize the start and end times of your raffle.


WP Raffle is a great plugin that you should definitely use.  You can use it to easily create giveaways to increase email subscriptions, Twitter followers, Facebook engagement, etc.  If you have a WordPress website or blog and you want to run a giveaway, you should get WP Raffle.

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